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The Long Grove Park District seeks to enhance and preserve the quality of life and the environment and to acquire and protect our natural lands for the benefit of our present and future residents.

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Fall Programs for Youth and Adults

Soccer Fun

Updated October 18:  date changes for T-Ball and Indoor Soccer. Download the updated schedule for details.

The Fall 2016 schedule of programs is now available. We are offering numerous sports programs as well as activities including chess and guitar.  Many of the programs are scheduled for after school and built around the school schedules.

New programs include a book club for  3rd to 5th graders and a family book event for parents and children from kindergarden to 5th grade.

Chessboard with player's hand

If you’ve ever thought of learning CPR – we have a program for you that provides in a single session all that you need to know to be certified in CPR.

An important note: Each of the programs requires a specific minimum number of registrants in order to be offered.  Registration for each program closes 3 days prior to the start of the program.  Programs will be cancelled unless an adequate number of registrations have been received 3 days prior to the starting date.

To view the entire schedule and to register, please click on the link below.

FALL program icon png format


Family (non-Frightening) Fun: Build Your Own Scarecrow

BuiTowering Scarecrowld your own scarecrow at the Park District’s annual Scarecrow Creation event.

All followers of the Great Pumpkin are invited to start planning your scarecrow outfits now in preparation for our annual Scarecrow Creation Event.  The Park District will provide the skeleton, head, stuffing, and lots and lots of trimmings to help you create a unique, custom designed, life-sized scarecrow.

All you need to bring is an outfit for your scarecrow and your imagination.  Be creative- scarecrows are a highly diverse species!  For a fully finished look, don’t forget gloves, shoes, and accessories.  You’ll take your finished scarecrow home to decorate your home, porch, or tree for the Halloween season.  This family event is fun for everyone from the youngest on up.  Each creation is truly a family team activity.  This is a popular program with limited capacity (10 families per session), so we suggest you register your family as early as possible.

After you make your scarecrow, take time to stroll through the Reed-Turner Woodland to see the fall display of color.  Hint: bring your camera.  Many families like to take family portraits at the Woodland during the beautiful fall season.  And, photos of the creation of your scarecrow are worth a spot in every family album.


When: Saturday, October 1. Choose 1 session:

  • 10:00 a.m. to noon
  • 2 – 4 p.m.

Where: Reed-Turner Nature Center, 3849 Old McHenry Rd, Long Grove.

Registration: Click HERE for Registration Form or call 847-438-4743.

Fee: $20/family (for one scarecrow; additional creations are $20 each)




Teasel Time – Take a Look Around Your Neighborhood


Dead or Alive


Teasel stalks in flower


Teasel flower- close upIf you do not have yard waste pickup service, then Deposit (in paper Yard Waste Bags) in Dumpster at Village Water Works (South of Sunset)

 Teasel along road


For more information on teasel click HERE.

Look around your neighborhood in sunny areas, especially those near roadsides or disturbed areas.  July is “prime time” to see this year’s invasive teasel crop bolt in size from a foot high leafy structure to its 6 ft tall stalk with the characteristic round flower head that will turn into a bristle-covered seed head. Stopping the spread of teasel means removing this flower or seed head before the seed is dropped.  Click the link above to learn how to do it.


Butterfly Garden Flourishes in its First Full Summer

Erin McDermott earned her Girl Scout Gold Bar Award in 2015 by designing and planting a butterfly garden here at Reed-Turner Woodland.  While the focus was on providing food for Monarch butterflies, the garden includes numerous flowering plants that feed many species of butterflies. Erin’s design also included the construction of two benches (one adult size and one sized for the younger set) so that visitors could sit, relax, and enjoy observing what comes to the flowers.

This is the first full year of the garden and it is flourishing.  The plants are healthy and well into their bloom cycle.

Among the plants is milkweed which is an essential element for a Monarch garden, as Monarch caterpillars only feed on the leaves of milkweed.  Milkweed, however, plays a double role.  Its flowers are a food source not only for the Monarch adults but also for hummingbirds who visit the large clusters of tiny flowers for the nectar.  If you are lucky you’ll get to see some of these incredible birds, along with a variety of butterflies.

We invite you to visit the garden, sit and observe the garden and the animals it attracts.  You reach the garden by following the short path which starts on the north side of the parking lot (the same side as the Nature Center entrance sign).

Click on the image below to see some of the flowers in bloom now (July 1) or which are just about to be in bloom in the upcoming weeks.



New Long Grove Resident to the Rescue

…The shingles were falling like leaves in a late fall rainstorm.

That was the situation last winter for the Long Grove Park District’s equipment garage at Reed-Turner Woodland. The District recognized that a new roof was essential to protect the structural integrity of the garage and its contents.  The question was how to fund the repairs.  We decided to include the garage roof as one of our “wish list” items in our annual December donation request letter to the community.

Peter Czaja

Peter Czaja

As everyone wishes, Santa actually arrived – in the form of Peter Czaja, a new resident of Long Grove.




Peter, the owner of WMRoofing and Construction in Rivergrove, called the Park District office just before Christmas and asked if we still needed a new roof.  We of course said yes.  He offered to donate one to the Park District.   Peter says “I believe in giving back to the community and this is something that I can do.”

So, on a beautiful spring day with the wildflowers in bloom, the Woodland was filled with some unusual

New roof underway.

New roof underway.

sounds of hammers and staple guns as Peter’s crew removed and replaced the garage roof with new shingles selected to both blend in with the roof of the adjacent Nature Center and to last a looong time!

With the roof done by the end of the day, Long Grove Park District President Jane Wittig was very happy as she thanks Peter for the excellent work.

Peter + Jane + Roof

Park District President thanks Peter for the great work



Let it Flow – Unjamming Logjams

Longview Meadow

The Park District received a Lake County Stormwater Management Commission matching grant for 2016. Essentially, the grant deals with rain.  When it rains where does the water go? Much of it runs off your yard and driveway into ditches and culverts and then into a stream such as Indian Creek.  This and the other streams in the Long Grove area empty into the Des Plaines River and, after a long journey, reach the Mississippi River and eventually the Gulf of Mexico.   Sometimes this journey faces obstacles such as the 21 logjams currently impeding the flow of Indian Creek across the Long Grove Park District’s 57 acre Long View Meadow wildlife habitat area at the corner of Rts. 22 and 83. Long View Meadow is a significant migrating bird site.  Over 160 species of birds have been spotted there in the last year.

Read more about the effects of these logjams on the habitat.


OWL Prowl

A program of the Chicago Botanic Garden at Reed-Turner Woodland.

Presented by Steve Bailey, Ornithologist of the Illinois Natural History Survey.

Friday, Feb 12, 6:30 PM.

Join Steve Bailey for a captivating night exploring the mystery of owls at the Reed-Turner Woodland Nature Preserve. He will discuss owl behavior and identification, as well as the places these fascinating birds are most likely to be seen. He may even demonstrate his world-famous Barred Owl call. After the discussion, Steve will lead a walk in the woods to look and listen for these enigmatic birds. Please dress warmly, and bring along a flashlight and binoculars.

Fee: $49/person, 20% discount for Botanic Garden Members
Register at: http://www.chicagobotanic.org/education/adulted/calendar or call (847) 835-8261