Birds at Reed-Turner Woodand Preserve

The varied habitats at Reed-Turner (woodland, savanna, meadow, stream, lake, wetland) attract numerous bird species.  Many are summer residents, some are year round residents, and others just use the Preserve as a stop over on their trips to and from nesting sites further north.  Regardless, the best time to see the greatest variety of birds is the spring season.  The birds are most active and most vocal at this time of year.

Over 50 species of birds are routinely sighted at the Preserve in spring.  Others are occasional or rare visitors.  Experienced birders will identify by sight, sound or both 25-40 species of birds in a single visit. Novices will spot fewer but still see an abundance of birds not likely to be visible in most backyards.

Click on the scarlet tanager image below (left) for a list of spring’s commonly sighted birds.

Click on the black capped chickadee image (right) for an editable download of the same list in an Excel spreadsheet format.

Scarlet Tanager