Good Things Are Happening On Park District Lands


Since 2001 over $245,000 has been awarded to the Long Grove Park District to restore portions of its 400+ acres of natural areas. The park district has contributed or will contribute more than $93,000 of that $245,000 in matching cash or labor on those projects. That means more than $152,000 or 62% has been granted to us from federal, state and local sources. The work has been done at the following park district owned sites: Reed-Turner Woodland, Buffalo Creek Park and Longview Meadow.These grants and other projects are providing improvements for nearly 100 acres of the 400 acres that the park district owns.

We are very thankful for having received the following eight grants for the associated projects:

Longview Meadow

In 2001, a $25,000.00 Grant from the DCEO (Dept. of Conservation and Economic Opportunity) was awarded a grant for installation of a footbridge across the stream at Longview Meadow. The park district paid an additional $13,000 to complete the bridge.

From 2001 to 2004, Long Grove Park District teamed up with US Fish and Wildlife Service and the Conservation Fund under a Northeastern IL Wetlands Conservation Account grant to improve wetland habitat at Longview Meadow (southeast corner Routes 22 & 83). This grant for $43,000 has helped in the control of reed canary grass and other exotic species at the site, it has also helped to improve habitat for waterfowl and other fauna. The park district provided staff supervision time as match during the project.

Reed-Turner Woodland Illinois Nature Preserve

In 2002 and 2003, $13,000 was awarded from the Lake County Stormwater Management Commission under their WMB (Watershed Mgmt. Board) program for erosion control and stream stabilization along the corridor of the south branch of Indian Creek during Reed-Turner Woodland