Goals & Objectives


Goal – A statement of direction based on the needs of the community.  It must be: Long ranging and locally oriented.

Objective – An accomplishment which can be measured within a given time period. It should be: Specific, Available and Realistic.

Goals of the Long Grove Park District

1. To plan and coordinate a trail system throughout the Village which will eventually connect areas of the Village of Long Grove to the Historical Business District, schools, and parks located within the Village boundaries.

2. To provide activities at the Woodland Nature Center to include community groups and educational programs, to coordinate activities with local community organizations and schools, and to use the Nature Center to promote environmental activities and interpretive center to establish a library and research center.

3. To promote and expand active recreation programs by developing and acquiring additional playing fields to maintain the nationally recommended minimum standard of 10 acres of recreational land per 1000 population and to coordinate active recreation programs with neighboring communities, park districts, and recreation associations.

4. To acquire additional open space for use in recreation programs, to protect threatened natural areas and to work with the community, area governments and organizations to encourage donations and acquisitions of open space in an effort to preserve the natural features of Long Grove.

5. To seek new sources of funding, including but not limited, to solicitation of public funds and grants, solicitation of bequests and land donations from the Village and area residents, sponsorship by community and area businesses, and the passage of local ordinances requiring donations of usable land and/or cash by residential and commercial developers.

6. To manage, protect and restore Long Grove Park District properties in a sound ecological manner.

7. To protect the Indian Creek and Buffalo Creek branches of the Des Plaines River watershed and greenways and to preserve the quality of streams, lakes and wetlands within the Long Grove Park District boundaries. To provide and protect greenways for safe migration of plants and animals. To continue efforts to regulate populations of native wildlife and to control and eliminate from Park District properties the invasive forms of vegetation and animals.

8. To employ personnel as required for the purpose of planning and coordinating recreation, land management, and maintenance activities of the Park District. Responsibilities would also include public relations activities, assisting the Board of Commissioners in administering and coordination with the Village of Long Grove, area governments, community volunteers, community organizations, hired personnel, and other needed duties.

9. To improve and/or establish appropriate informational and directional signage for the Long Grove Park District properties.

Objectives of the Long Grove Park District

To Support this Master Plan by implementing specific objectives and following the recommendations for development and acquisition programs.


The Long Grove Park District seeks to enhance and preserve the quality of life and the environment and to acquire and protect our natural lands and open spaces for the benefit of our present and future residents.

The Long Grove Park District was organized on May 9, 1973, by five people: Lee Freeman, Marian Anderson, Warren Pankou, Timmie Clemetsen, and Barbara Turner, following a referendum establishing the overwhelming desire by the residents of Long Grove to have a park district with a philosophy of:

Preservation of natural areas
Retention of open space
Wise stewardship of various conservancy areas
Depository agency for easement grants
No taxation.

The Park District Commissioners have followed this philosophy and have added a Recreation Committee headed by a Park District Commissioner as the village has grown and the citizenry has clearly demonstrated their desire for recreational programs along with the necessary acquisition of land suitable for recreational park sites.

All expenses and operations of the Park District properties are met by grants, memorial funds, public donations, user fees, and cell tower rental fees. The Village of Long Grove is a separate entity and does not provide any financial support to the Park District. The Recreation Committee funds its activities through fees charged to participants.

Without a continuing core of volunteers, the Park District’s philosophy of no taxation would not be possible. The Park District depends on volunteers who help with maintenance and recreation, and are trained docents for the Reed-Turner Woodland education programs. Many Eagle Scout projects have benefited the Park District properties.

The Long Grove Stewardship Program is the lead volunteer group supported by the Park District which helps monitor and maintain sensitive natural areas.

In 1974, the Harold Turner family in memory of Ms. Turner’s parents, Guy and Florence Reed, gifted to The Nature Conservancy the original thirty-two acre Reed-Turner Woodland. The Nature Conservancy, believing a local agency can best oversee and maintain local properties, transferred ownership rights of the thirty-two acres to the Long Grove Park District in 1978.

An additional acre was donated to the Woodland to provide a needed trail along the North boundary and to protect a state-threatened species. The Park District was able to secure a federal grant from the Heritage Conservation and Recreational Service which was placed in trust to maintain, develop, and expand the Woodland.  In 1984, the Park District purchased the adjoining 3.25-acre site containing the Nature Center and land suitable for a parking lot.

The Woodland became an Illinois Nature Preserve in 1980 and is governed by the statutes of the State of Illinois. The Park District owns and operates the adjoining 3.25-acre site as a buffer to the Woodland and as a nature and interpretive center and a meeting area with adequate parking for both the Woodland and the Nature Center.

The Board of Commissioners of the Park District is composed of seven elected commissioners who must be residents of the Long Grove Park District. Elections are for four-year terms and are held in April of odd years. The Board of Commissioners elect a President and Vice President from its membership. A secretary and treasurer are appointed and must also be residents of the District.

The boundaries of the Park District are generally coterminous with those of the Village of Long Grove.

Meetings are open to the public and are held monthly at 6:30 P.M. on the second Monday of each month, except holiday Mondays, at the Reed-Turner Woodland Nature Center at 3849 Old McHenry Road, Long Grove, Illinois.