Programs & Registration

Winter / Spring 2019 Program Guide


Check out our list of activities and programs for children, teens and adults.  Opportunities include short and long term programs.  Many have flexibility in scheduling to meet your needs and school vacation schedules.  Numerous youth activities are scheduled for after school and are held at Kildeer or Country Meadows schools for your convenience.

All of the programs are open to individuals from any area town.  Fees are the same for Long Grove residents and non-residents.

The goal of each of the offerings is to combine self-improvement and fun – a winning mix you and your children will enjoy and learn from.  These programs will keep participants engaged and active.chees-boy-playing

Youth Hockey Drill

Programs include Engineering for Kids, Chess, Kids Yoga, Soccer, T-Ball, Horseback Riding, Fencing and more.

Registration information is included in the program guide.

PLEASE: Don’t wait until the last minute to register.  All programs have minimum and maximum sizes. We must cancel a program if it does not have the minimum number of registrants, so to avoid disappointment for you and your children, we ask that you register well in advance.