Rock’n’Kids Comes HOME


New session starts APRIL 11.

Rock’n’Kids is a music and movement program for children age 1 (Tot Rock) and ages 2-5 (Kid Rock).  Activities include songs and rhymes, use of rhythm instruments and props, imaginative play, and practice on fine and gross motor skills.

There are separate morning sessions for ages 1,  2-3, and 3-5 year olds.

This session’s theme is Welcome to Our Home!  Each week explores a different area of home with fun, music, and exciting movement activities.  Children love the creativity and energy of these programs and parents love the educational and sensory components.

During these classes, the kids will encounter hand bells, parachute play, maracas, scarves, tambourines, ribbons, bubbles, rhythm sticks, balls, clackers, bean bags, and more.

Each of these sessions will be the highlight of the week for your child.

Sessions are: Tot Rock (1 yr old with parent; Kid Rock I (2 & 3 yrs with parent) and Kid Rock II (3-5 yrs without parent)


Code          Age         Day   Weeks      Dates                    Time                 Fee

S18-TR2     1 yr           Wed       8          04/11-05/30       9:30-10:10 am      $67.50

Code          Age         Day   Weeks      Dates                    Time                 Fee
S18-KR1     2-3 yrs    Wed       8          04/11-05/30       10:15-10:55 am      $67.50
S18-KR2     3-5 yrs    Wed       8          04/11-05/30       11:00-11:40 am      $67.50

Click HERE for registration form or (or call 847-438-4743)