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* LGPD Board meetingLGPD Board meeting

Time: 6:30 pm

* Young Rembrandts-VirtualYoung Rembrandts-Virtual

Time: 3:45 pm

We’re celebrating the New Year in style. Young Rembrandts winter lessons are kicking off with Groovy Giraffes, a detailed Scorpion and a delicious Ice Cream Sundae. Every month YR students draw a complex Art History piece and this season we’re highlighting Black women such as Claudette Colvin, Rosetta Tharp and Wilma Rudolph! Artists will be learning core art skills while boosting self-confidence and social development. We can’t wait to draw with you!

* Winter Little Sportsters StarsWinter Little Sportsters Stars

Time: 12:30 pm

Get outside and play! This program will give your child a taste of some of the sports played during the winter months and other times of the year. Whether it be hockey, football, soccer or kickball, kids will have the chance to develop a variety of skills. Classes are also designed to improve listening skills, the ability to follow directions and enhance overall physical development while having fun. Bring a labeled face mask and dress appropriately for the outdoor weather. Led by SportsKids Inc. Ages 3-6.

* Winter Flag Football SkillsWinter Flag Football Skills

Time: 1:15 pm

Play football like the Bears players do in the winter - in the cold and snow! Skills on both sides of the ball, including the components of passing, catching, defensive positioning and de-flagging will be taught in a positive and safe environment. Drills and games focus on fundamentals and field concepts as well as positions and mechanics. Bring a labeled face mask and dress appropriately for the outdoor weather. Led by SportsKids Inc. Ages 7-12.

* Winter Ball Hockey SkillsWinter Ball Hockey Skills

Time: 2:45 pm

It’s hockey weather! Join us for this modified version of ice hockey as we play outdoors on a hard surface with a small ball and hockey sticks. Young hockey players learn the offensive and defensive fundamentals and mechanics of hockey such as passing, shooting, stick handling, positioning, defending and goal tending. Endurance, coordination and speed are developed through fun drills and skill-based games. Equipment will be provided. Bring a labeled face mask and dress appropriately for the outdoor weather. Led by SportsKids Inc. Ages 7-12.

* Fireside with the AuthorFireside with the Author

Time: 1:00 pm

Virtual senior program. Once a month we invite authors to read from their novels, short stories or poems. We’ll then discuss, ask questions and give impressions of the work. Author: Rachel Abugov.

* Color Me HappyColor Me Happy

Time: 1:00 pm

Virtual senior program. Coloring can be a great stress reliever and it’s a lot of fun! RSVP and coloring pages will be sent to you so we can gather together and color, listen to some music and talk.

* Volleyball Skills & GamesVolleyball Skills & Games

Time: 7:00 pm

This program is a must for players of all skill levels trying to improve on the fundamentals or learn the game for the first time. We will assist players with their skills and knowledge of passing, serving, defense, setting, blocking and hitting. Players will also work on technique, set location, play sets, footwork and overall knowledge of the game. They will learn offensive and defensive systems through team drills and game play. Led by SportsKids Inc. Ages 8-13

* DinosaursDinosaurs

Time: 4:00 pm

Students will learn about the work of paleontologists, examine fossil casts and discover the dinosaurs that lived in Lake County. Ages 4-12. Virtual program.

* Little Kickers Skills & GamesLittle Kickers Skills & Games

Time: 4:30 pm

This program is designed to teach the fundamentals of soccer to prepare your child for league play. Basic soccer skills such as running, kicking, passing and goal tending will be covered. The first half of every class will focus on skills development and the last half of every class will be dedicated to playing games to enhance the skills that have been learned. Led by SportsKids Inc. Ages 3-5

* Parent & Tot Hoops N' KicksParent & Tot Hoops N' Kicks

Time: 6:00 pm

Get ready to score some hoops and goals in this fun class! Girls and boys learn the basic motor skills necessary to play basketball and soccer while they work one-on-one and spend quality time with their parents. Skills such as dribbling, running, kicking, catching, shooting and passing will be taught. Toddlers will develop motor, listening and social skills as they participate in a variety of activities designed around these two sports. Led by SportsKids Inc. Ages 2-3 w/adult

* Soccer Skills & GamesSoccer Skills & Games

Time: 7:00 pm

Get ready for the upcoming spring soccer season. Dribbling, passing, shooting and other offensive and defensive techniques are covered. Time is spent during each class on drills and games. Youngsters are assigned to different teams each week and coaches referee games in a teaching style. Games are played in a respectful, positive and safe environment with an emphasis on equal participation. Led by SportsKids Inc. Ages 6-10

* Instructional T-BallInstructional T-Ball

Time: 4:30 pm

Let’s play t-ball! The focus of this program will be on helping your child to enhance batting, throwing, catching and base running skills. The first two weeks will consist of skills training sessions to introduce participants to the program. The last three weeks will be dedicated to enhancing these skills through drills and game play. Our fun approach is a great way to expose girls and boys to teamwork and sportsmanship as we help young athletes to discover the excitement of competition while learning the basics of America’s favorite pastime. Led by SportsKids Inc. Ages 4-6

* Long Grove Players-TheaterLong Grove Players-Theater

Time: 9:00 am

An On-Line Virtual Theater Production. "Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall" A VIRTUAL FRACTURED FAIRY TALE by Brian D. Taylor.

* Tiny Tot Multi-Sport ManiaTiny Tot Multi-Sport Mania

Time: 10:15 am

Sign up your little one for the ultimate first time sports experience! Each week adults will assist their tots as they play a body-challenging sport, improve listening skills and learn how to follow directions. A variety of sports such as soccer, t-ball, basketball and kickball will be explored through fun games and partner play. This is a great opportunity to get active with your child in a positive and controlled setting. Led by SportsKids Inc. Ages 2-3 w/adult.

* Adult & Tot GymnasticsAdult & Tot Gymnastics

Time: 12:30 pm

Toddlers can develop body awareness, balance, flexibility and coordination while having fun doing gymnastics. Parents assist with skills in a safe and caring environment. Led by SportsKids Inc. Ages 2-3 w/adult.

* KidnasticsKidnastics

Time: 1:15 pm

Boys and girls will learn the basics of gymnastics in a safe and well-equipped environment. Children can improve coordination and help develop self-confidence, strength, flexibility and balance. Led by SportsKids Inc. Ages 3-4

* Beginning Tumbling/GymnasticsBeginning Tumbling/Gymnastics

Time: 2:15 pm

Learn the proper way to perform rolls, cartwheels, backbends, handstands, walkovers and other tumbling tricks. Youngsters also learn rhythmic gymnastics body elements, jumps, turns and leaps as well as techniques with apparatus like hoops, balls, ribbons and jump ropes. Kids improve flexibility, gain strength and develop coordination, all of which help them in any sport. Start out learning the proper way to perform rolls, handstands and cartwheels. This class is a great introduction to tumbling and it opens the door to gymnastics possibilities. Led by SportsKids Inc. Ages 7-12